January 17, 2014
Fruit Logistica 2014. Our company is going to take part in Fruit Logistica 2014 in Berlin.

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November 07, 2013
Russia is the world first importer of apples. According to the ratings of the world largest exporters of apples, the Russian market is still number one in terms of the consumption of this type of fruit.

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September 13, 2013
Poland will tighten control over the products exported to Russia. As a result of talks in Moscow Polish and Russian sides on the issue of violations related to inadequate certification for the import of products controlled by the member countries of the Customs Union and identified by Rosselkhoznadzor, Polish experts have expressed full readiness to tighten control over exports.

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July 29, 2013
Decreased the volume of imports of grapes in Russia. According to official statistics, in the current season 2012/2013 on the Russian market has received about 393 thousand tons of imported grapes.

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June 17, 2013
Turkey remains exporter of grapes in Russia number 1. According to the Ministry of Agriculture of Turkey, the country is a leading supplier of various varieties of grapes in the Russian market for the past six seasons.

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February 20, 2013
Italian manufacturers tend to the Russian market. With a huge potential export market, Russia every year it becomes more and more interesting for suppliers of fruit and vegetables from Italy.

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FRIEND FRUITS COMPANY was founded in 1996 in St. Petersburg. High growth dynamics, improvement of business processes and professionalism of our employees enabled us to create a strong Russian company. Today, ensuring supplies of the wide range of products from Europe, South America, North America, Africa and Asia, the Company is one of the leading importers on the fruit and vegetable market in Russia.

FRIEND FRUITS does not only ensure supplies of the wide range of fruit and vegetables to Russia but also a full technological cycle of the pre-sale processing of product. High professionalism of its managers, well-organized work with suppliers and the guaranteed product quality permitted the Company to quickly and steadily occupy an important position in the fruit business in Russia. The Company's activities include various lines of the fruit and vegetable business: purchases, transport and warehouse logistics, sale of product at the Russian market.

FRIEND FRUITS is mainly engaged in the import of the fruits which do not grow on the Russian territory, bringing fruit from all over the world to fit any taste, and contributing to the improvement of health and quality of life of Russian citizens. We believe that every Russian irrespective of his place of living and income level should have the possibility to taste any fruit from the most distant country. And not only to taste this fruit, but to include it in his daily ration. Above all, it is apples, oranges and lemons. The special role of apples in the fruit ration is acknowledged everywhere in the world. It is the only fruit whose consumption has no restrictions - it is not allergenic, it is recommended to people of all ages, its nutritious content and easiness of use together with the reasonable price make it a favourite of the fruit trade. We believe that fruits make human life brighter, raise vitality and improve health. That's why we aim at the increase of fruit consumption in Russia up to the world level. We are certain that the improvement of food ration of Russian consumers is impossible without the civilized development of the fruit market. Activity of FRIEND-FRUITS contributes significantly to the achievement of this goal.


Our motto - always and everywhere give the consumer all fruits and any vegetables of excellent quality at the perfect price.

- Technology A distinctive feature of the Company's operation is an efficient application of the latest technological developments in the industry. All terminals are equipped with the most modern equipment for the storage of fruit and vegetables which makes it possible to serve the customers efficiently and to guarantee the high product quality. Besides the excellent production base, our customers and suppliers highly appreciate professional service provided by the Company - open objective information about the market and the product, well-organized logistics, partners' support, unlimited service opportunities for the sale of products.
- Infrastructure Today the Company is a large holding with well-developed infrastructure including 4 warehouses situated in St. Petersburg of the total surface of 5,7 thousand square meters as well as the successfully operating branches in Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Rostov. We actively develop partnership relations with the large regional distributors in such regional centers as Moscow, Murmansk, Petrozavodsk, Barnaul, Krasnoyarsk, Chelyabinsk. Flexible pricing system gives customers possibility to compete with confidence on the regional markets.
Today, owing to the developed distribution system of FRIEND FRUITS, people in all regions of Russia can always buy their favourite fruits and vegetables at reasonable price. We have already introduced to the market many new kinds and sorts of fruit and we are still trying to please our customers with something new. Since 2000, as the structure of the retail market changed, our Company started daily supplies of the fresh fruit and vegetable products to the largest supermarkets of St. Petersburg.
Our Company is a business partner of such famous retail chains as "Magnit", "Lenta", "Diksi", "O'Key". Top priority in our work on this field is the optimization of logistic constructions of the pre-sale product preparation which substantially increases general level of service. In the immediate plans of FRIEND-FRUITS is further development and expansion of cooperation with the retail chains, construction of new terminals and further improvement of partnership relations due to the introduction of new service products.
- Range of products FRIEND-FRUITS has the widest range of products. Fruits and vegetables imported by the Company are an integral part of daily ration of anyone who aims at healthy food and healthy way of living. Now customary for us fruits and vegetables on the counters of Russian stores is only a part of what we offer. The Company is also engaged in supplies of the exotic fruit which can satisfy the most demanding gourmets. Such policy makes FRIEND-FRUITS an indispensable participant of the national fruit market and a valuable partner for trade chains.
- Reputation During years of operation, the Company has become widely renowned on the international and Russian market and proved itself a reliable partner who efficiently performs its obligations. We appreciate our reputation as the key value which is easy to lose and almost impossible to restore. This quality attracts new partners to FRIEND-FRUITS and enables it to make long-term plans and reach its business goals. Our Company will always welcome new partners for the development of the fruitful business relations.
- Partners Today the geography of the Company's activity includes more than ten countries, in which FRIEND FRUITS buys fruits and vegetables. As a result of the close cooperation with the leading producing companies, and due to the high professionalism of our import and marketing department, the Company has organized regular direct deliveries from Europe (France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Greece, Holland, Poland), South America (Argentina, Chili, Uruguay, Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador), North America (USA, Canada), Africa (Morocco, SAR, Egypt) and Middle East countries (Iran, Israel).


Loyalty to its business, active marketing policy and a decade of successful cooperation with our foreign partners and partners in Russia permitted us not only to occupy a steady position on the Russian market, but to become a successful import company. Optimal approach to business management, open and straight dealing with partners are a pledge of the fact that for many years the team of FRIEND FRUITS has been working with success and pleasure, securing and consolidating business connections. Organized logistic system and investment in its own activities allowed to form a well-developed infrastructure, to decrease as much as possible both distribution costs and the losses in product quality during all transportation stages and to guarantee that irrespective of the place where the fruits grow, Russian consumers will only have on their tables fresh products conforming to the highest quality standards.

Due to the flexibility and versatility of the logistic system, FRIEND FRUITS works continuously all the year round delivering products to the Russian market by ships, containers, trucks and railway transport. We have combined professional faculties, persistence and talent of our employees so that the name of FRIEND FRUITS represented not only the name of the Company but the team spirit.

The yearly turnover of the Company ranges from 150000 to 180000 tons of vegetables and fruits. Total number of employees is over 60.

always and everywhere fruits from all over the world